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And we are live. Welcome Everyone. We are so happy to introduce to you Earburd. This elegant little device will integrate directly to the cable of most of your favorite earphones, earbuds or headphones. Once attached you should never need to take it off. Watch our videos under Wing-Tips to learn how to install and use Earburd. We feel confident it will become one of your best friends. No more tangle cable nest when you want to use your earphones. It deploys in seconds. Just unhook the talons and let gravity do the rest. When your done listening just wrap up the cable and cinch the ends into the talons. Then slip your Earburd into you pocket or back ready for its next deployment. We are just getting started and we are so happy you are here. We are accepting bulk custom orders today and hope to be on Amazon real soon. Thanks for stopping by. Best Regards, Earburd Team.

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